Early Order Terms

Early Order Terms

Order any VPMAXX® Maize Seed before the 31st July 2024 to receive the following benefits.

Preferential Hybrid Supply

Hybrids will be allocated on a first in first served basis when a customer places a seed order with a merchant during the early order promotion. 

100% Replant Policy

Customers who place a seed order during the early order promotion will have the benefits of a 100% replant policy if there is a crop failure within 2 months of planting. This will include the total number of units ordered as per the original order as well as the seed treatment.

  • The promoter is New Zealand Seed Houses Limited. Participation in this promotion is subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • Any order received after the 1st May 2024 will qualify in the early order promotion and the promotion will be running to the 31st July 2024.
  • Once a completed merchant order has been received by NZSH, the maize seed will be allocated to that grower on a first in first served basis until supply of that maize hybrid has run out.
  • The retailer will then be sent confirmation of the seed order and that the specific hybrid is set aside for the farmer/grower. The merchant can notify the grower that their seed order has been confirmed.
  • The replant policy is for Spring 2024.
  • If the farmer/grower needs to replant his paddock of maize seed for whatever reason within 2 months of planting, NZSH will provide full replacement seed at no cost for the VP Maxx hybrid that was ordered in the early order promotion.
  • If the given hybrid is out of stock at the time of replant, then the next best alternative will be provided.
  • If the farmer/grower needs to change their seed order for whatever reason after the 31st July 2024 then they may do so after discussion and agreement with the retailer. Only the original hybrid seed ordered before the 31st July 2024 will be covered under the early order promotion.
  • If the seed cannot be replanted in time for harvesting in 2025 the seed is to be returned to NZ Seedhouses Ltd. No seed to be carried over for next season’s planting. 
  • All replant seed must be provided directly by NZ Seedhouses Ltd to be covered in the replant policy. NZ Seedhouses Ltd is unable to credit seed where a customer or merchant have used seed on hand for a replant.
  • If the replant request is due to bird damage, 100% replant cover applies where the originally planted seed was seed treated with bird repellent. Only 50% replant cover applies if the originally planted seed had not been treated with bird repellent.
  • 100% replant cover applies if there is a change in hybrid between originally ordered seed and seed requested for replant. The requested hybrid seed for replant is dependent on the availability of treated seed at the time of the request.
  • Only one replant request can be accepted per planted paddock.
  • 50% replant cover applies if the seed requested for replant is of a higher treatment option than the originally ordered seed (i.e. originally ordered seed was Standard Fungicide treatment, replant seed requested is Poncho treatment). 
  • NZSH will cover eligible replant areas up to an annual national maximum area of 200 hectares. If in the unlikely case that national claims exceed 200 hectares, NZSH will collate all eligible claims and the claimants will be provided with a proportional amount of replacement seed bags, based on the area of their eligible claim, as a proportion of the total claims to the maximum annual crop loss of 200 ha.